Political Communication Specialist

Gülfem Saydan Sanver who graduated from Fevziye Mektepleri Foundation’s Işık High School received her undergraduate degree from Marmara University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration in French Language. Ms. Sanver who received her graduate degree in “Political Communication” from the University of Sorbonne in 2004 studied “Theories of Perception” and completed her doctorate studies on “Political Communication” at the same university in 2012.

Her work on comparative electoral strategies of political parties in Turkey was published in France by A.N.R.T publishing house in 2013 and became the first book on this subject matter published in Europe. Her second book, “Yorumlayan Topluluklar”, which she wrote on effects of the socio-economic and cultural class differences on the perception, was published in France in 2014 by Editions Universitaires Européennes publishing house.

In 2015, she won the Pollie Award given by the American Academy of Political Consultants (AAPC), which is awarded to successful campaigns each year and accepted as the Oscar of the Political Communication. In 2017, she won the Polaris Award given by the European Association of Political Consultants (EAPC). In the same year, she was elected by ComPol magazine based in Washington, DC, as one of the 100 Most Successful Strategists in the World.

Ms. Sanver appeared at the show titled Türkiye’nin Gündemi aired on CNNTurk between January and July 2018 as a political analyst currently appears on various TV channels and writes at web newspapers as an analyst on politics in Turkey and the election agenda.

Ms. Gülfem Saydan Sanver, who is a member of International Political Consultants Association (IAPC), continues to provide political communication services through Element Strateji Yönetimi incorporated by her.