24 Saatte İş, Co-Founder

- House of Spade, Co-Founder

Gizem Yasa, graduated from the University of Chicago with BA in Economics in 2005, started working for a New York-based law firm that specialized in M&A, Wachtel & Masyr, before turning her hobby of jewelry design into a career and established Coracor Jewelry LLC in New York.  She then co-founded, an e-commerce company that specialized in shoes & accessories vertical, in 2011. was sold to Ziylan Group, the biggest shoe retailer in Turkey in 2015. She and her former partner Berk, formed a B2B company, House of Spade, that designs and manufactures shoes and accessories for high street brands in Turkey and UK.  Meanwhile, she consulted multiple e-commerce companies, including Modanisa and Çiçeksepeti, with their branding and marketing strategies. Currently, she is the co-founder of 24 Saatte İş, a mobile app that specializes in HR vertical and brings potential service industry workers and companies together, helping them find jobs/employees in 24 hours.