I was born in Istanbul in 1985 and grew up on the street spending so much time on observing and understanding the social reality. Since the first time I started drawing, I’ve been pouring my whole life and experiences to my works. I spent 10 years working in the leading advertisement agencies of Turkey having the opportunity to work with prominent ad connoisseurs. I worked on every reasonable idea to realize my vision. After so many years of experience, I founded Gorillafilm.co to work on animation projects. The words you were reading were about Fatih who spent a reasonable time to reach his objectives in the ad business. Now you’re going to meet with Sinan from the hood. He’s more genuine indeed… The reason might be that he’s not an advertiser. Sinan has made a great effort to develop his artistic skills since the very early ages. He painted on the walls of streets and stuck his self-created stickers to the most busy places of the city to convey his messages to more people. He traveled different parts of the world in search of new inspirations. Now he’s participating in the Brandweek 2017 with his new Gorilla exhibition ICO.