She was born in 1983, in İstanbul. She studied acting at Mujdat Gezen Art Center for 4 years. The first time she was in front of the camera was in a TV series called “Karate Can” directed by Kartal Tibet. She took part in theater plays for a while, before she became famous in TV series, including Hırsız Polis (Thief Police), Canım Ailem (My dear family) and Kötü Yol (Bad Road).

In 2005, she was featured in the film Organize İşler (Organized Works) directed by Yilmaz Erdogan, by which she experienced a movie project for the first time.  She appeared in popular movies of the time, including Hayatımın Kadınısın(You’re the woman of my life), Veda (Farewell), Dedemin İnsanları (My Granddad’s people), and gained wide acclaim with comedy movies, including Celal ile Ceren(Celal and Ceren), Patron Mutlu Son İstiyor(The boss wants a happy ending) and Kocan Kadar Konuş (Talk as much as your husband)series.

In 2017, she played a part in the movie “Maidenin Altın Günü (Maide’s Gold Day)”, the story of which she wrote herself, and her most recent movies were Aydede (The Moon) and Organize İşler 2 (Organized Works 2).   After a long break, she took part in Theater Craft’s play “10 11 12” with Enis Arıkan in 2016 and 2017.  She attracts attention with her shared stuff in social media, and hosts a program called “Tanınmış Kişileri Seviyorum (I like famous people)” in Youtube.