Şölen, CEO

She graduated from the Department of Economics, Middle East Technical University and worked as a part-time research assistant at Bilkent University Department of Economics. She concurrently completed his Master’s Degree at Economics.

At the beginning of his career, he worked in different companies, then, she focused on the foreign trade and started to work as export manager in Şölen with a view to evaluating the potential in the export section of Şölen which was founded by her family members. Elif Çoban was appointed as the chief executive officer following a reorganization in 2010. Elif Çoban, who came into office as CEO, took this office  with the joint decision of her five brothers.

Elif Çoban who conveys her experiences as a speaker at many universities and conferences ranks at the 37th place at the Fortune Magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Businesswomen” list. She is a member of TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) Woman Entrepreneurs Council and a member of Kagider (Association of Woman Entrepreneurs).

In 2014, Elif Çoban received the Women To Watch award jointly given by Advertising Age and MediaCat magazines, and, in 2016, was elected the “Enterprising Business Woman of the Year” by Antalya Businesswomen’s Association (ANTİKAD).

Şölen, where Elif Çoban serves as the Chief Executive Officer today, exports its over 200 products to more than 100 countries ranging from the USA to Belgium and the Maldives, owing to its 1800 employees working at its two factories located in Istanbul and Gaziantep. Creator of Turkey’s innovative brands such as Biscolata, Ozmo, Luppo, Boombastic, Milango, Şölen, Turkey’s chocolate factory, is among the leading companies of Turkey in the Turkish chocolate, chocolate-flavored products, biscuit, cracker, cake, candy and Turkish delight market. Şölen ranks at 54th place in Candy Industry TOP 100, one of the world’s most important confectionary lists.