Founder and Director, Virtual Influencer Agency


Dudley is a Director of www.virtualinfluencer.agency and head of strategy and innovation for www.liveandbreathe.com his recent work includes integrated innovation and influencer campaigns for brands such as Amazon, British Gas, Morrisons and Nestle.

A strategy and Innovation Director for the last 15 years, Dudley’s background is in entertainment and digital marketing, working for global tech, television and film companies, before starting his own consultancy that delivered pioneering social and Influencer marketing strategies as early as 2008

In 2010, as part of an integrated brand strategy, Dudley carried out Diageo Reserve’s first influencer campaigns across their portfolio of key brands, delivering similar strategies for high-profile brands such as Grey Goose, Estee Lauder, Nike, SWATCH and Paramount film.

He created The Influencer Match Tool™ in 2012, analysing social media data and matching the values of brands to influencers. He has led the “Micro Influencer” movement, coining the term “Local Hero” back in 2013 and is now pioneering the application of Artificial Intelligence audience and psychographic analysis to understand “circles of Influence” and consumer Tribes.

Since 2017 he has been working on creating “Virtual Influencers” for brands, utilising Machine Learning to create characters that build a relationship between the audience and the brand owned asset and he completed the first Professional learning course on Machine Learning at M.I.T.