Yandex Turkey, Sales Director

Doğan Balamir Nazlıca spent his youth in Switzerland. After living Switzerland, Doğan Balamir Nazlıca went to Istanbul to start his university life and graduated from International Relations Department of Bilgi University.

Between 2007 and 2011, he worked at France based corporate and investment banking company Societe Generale as ”Customer Representative”, ”Assistant Corporate Relations Manager” and ”Operations Supervisor”. In 2011, he started working as the ”Sales Manager” at Hotel Runner,

which provides Hotel Online Sales and Channel Management, until 2015. Nazlıca continued his career as  Sales Director at Boston-based software company Solvoyo and followed by a software company named as Parachute. With over 18 years of work experience, he led sales teams at technology companies in particular. He was awarded with many sales awards for his sales tracking reports and won the best Euro Cloud with the last 3 start-ups. Dogan Balamir Nazlıca is working as sales director at Yandex in Turkey since April 17, 2017.