Microsoft Turkey, Deputy General Manager and Developer Experience & Evangelism Lead

Cavit Yantaç is Deputy General Manager and Developer Experience & Evangelism Lead for Microsoft Turkey. In his current role, he leads Microsoft Turkey’s activities among Developers, Students, Academia, Startups and IT Professionals as well as partnering with companies and individuals to create next generation innovative solutions, leveraging emerging technology. As Microsoft Turkey’s Chief Evangelist, Cavit Yantaç is helping startups and ISVs throughout Turkey to create innovative solutions in Education, Coding / Development, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, Gaming and E-Commerce. Cavit Yantaç has been with Microsoft for 10 years, in the first 6 years of which he was responsible for managing a team that provides technology solutions to enterprises. Before Microsoft, he worked for Nexum Bogazici, a German-Turkish consulting, IT and interactive design company, and completed consulting projects in Turkey, Europe and the US. Cavit holds a degree of MBA from University of Georgia and a BA degree from Bogazici University, Turkey.