Teknasyon, Co-Founder

He was born in 1979, in İstanbul. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree studies at the Business Administration Department of the Faculty of Economics of İstanbul University. Having started his professional career at Telsim, and then worked at Anadolu Efes, Sağlık embarked his first venture with an e-commerce project, in which played the role of co-manager. He incorporated Teknasyon together with his partners in 2013 with the aim of preparing Telco services in GSM sector. Having been carrying out B2C projects nowadays, Teknasyon has focused on cross border for the last 2 years. He has been introducing his projects in 48 different languages in 155 countries. His applications have been downloaded by 100 million people last year. Resuming his duty as the Board Member in Teknasyon, Burak Sağlık also takes part in the sector as an investor. Teknasyon has also invested in Panteon, a game company, and in the Meditation application.