Learning and Process Designer

Ayşesu is a human-centered design practitioner, process designer, and facilitator. Ayşesu graduated from Istanbul (Erkek) High School with German Sprachdiplom. She completed her BA in Economics at Bogazici University. After graduation, she attended Designation, a digital design boot camp in Chicago, where she worked with tech startups on UX research and design. In March 2016, she joined ATÖLYE’s multidisciplinary team as experience and learning designer where she worked until September 2018. Within ATÖLYE, as a human-centered design practitioner, she contributed to the fields of design research, design strategy, experience & system design. She worked on projects of various scales ranging from digital design to product-service-system design, to spatial design across multiple sectors. Also as a learning designer and facilitator, she designed and facilitated innovation programs for both corporate changemakers and social innovators. In her work, she blends a wide range of innovation and collaboration methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Design Sprints, and Art of Hosting. As well as long-term innovation processes, over the past 2,5 years, she has designed and facilitated over 30 co-creation and co-learning workshops with companies, NGOs, social innovators, entrepreneurs, and university students.