Founder of Selendi Wines, Former CEO of Garanti Bank

He was born in 1945. And was graduated firstly from TED and then METU. In the college years, he played basketball as a guard. He studied business administration at METU and then started his career as a marketing expert. After working in different industries for 13 years, he joined Garanti as one of the vice presidents(responsible for marketing again).

In 1991, the owner of the bank(Ayhan Şahenk) offered Öngör to be the new CEO of Garanti. And he ran the company for a decade.

Garanti experienced a tough and quite successful metamorphosis process in his period. When Akın Öngör sat on his desk as the CEO, Garanti’s total market value was around $150 million. And after a ten years work, the value increased to 5 billion USD and Garanti was chosen as “The Best Bank on Earth” by Euromoney. The change was so successful that, it became a case study in both Harvard Business School and London Business School. And that case study is still actively being lectured to MBA students in these schools. Akın Öngör retired in the year 2001 to spend much of his time with his wife and family.