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MediaCat Shortcase 1

We are constantly bombarded by messages, ads and images. There are lots of alternatives and is a steep competition. And the “skip ad” button leads to new possibilities. In such a communication setting, it is more important than ever to create/tell stories that will connect with the user and inspire various emotions in them.

MediaCat Shortcase by MediaCat is a branded short-film contest aspiring to find such stories.

Why Shortcase?

MediaCat Shortcase Awards is open to everyone under the age of 30 operating or wishing to operate in the world of creative content creation or commercial brand development. You, too, should partake in MediaCat Shortcase if you wish to develop an innovative way of expression in the communication industry, offer a game-changing approach in the world of branded content and come up with new story-telling methods as the conventional communication strategies fail to perform.

The winning project will receive 10 thousand TL prize money.

Theme 2019

Inspired by “Designing the future”, the theme of Brand Week Istanbul where it was launched, MediaCat Shortcase focuses on the theme “The future of the relationship between man and nature” in its first edition. The projects to be entered into the contest must take into consideration possible future scenarios regarding the relationship between man and nature.


Ali Taran
Ali Taran
Gülse Birsel
Gülse Birsel
Fahir Atakoğlu
Fahir Atakoğlu
Serdar Erener
Serdar Erener
Tolga Karaçelik
Tolga Karaçelik

Application Form

Contest Conditions

Who is eligible?

MediaCat Shortcase Awards is open to everyone under 30 operating or wishing to operate in the world of creative content creation or commercial brand development.


It is mandatory for all film entries to MediaCat Shortcase to not have been displayed anywhere else before.

Assessment method

The jury will screen through all entries. For an entire week, the jury will review all entries digitally and score them based on a predefined set of criteria. The entries satisfying these criteria will make it into the shortlist. The jury will then meet to assess the shortlisted entries.

At the jury meeting, the projects will be assessed following a two (2) phase voting scheme.

Phase: The jury will score all shortlisted entries for each criterion on a scale of ten (10). These scores will then be weighed for each criterion. Works with a total weighed score of over 6.0 in all criteria will make it into the finals.

Phase: The finalists will be reassessed by the jury and the project with the highest score will receive the first place prize. This phase will be managed via e-voting.

Assessment Criteria

Strategy 30% (The insight behind the creative idea and the soundness of the strategy developed based off of it.)

Creativity 40% (Creativity and originality of the work developed following this strategy.)

Implementation 30% (Implementation and production quality of the work.)


Visual Materials

The videos among other materials that are submitted will be used at jury assessment meetings, at the awards ceremony and on the website for MediaCat magazine after the contest.

The uploaded branded content videos must be at least three (3) minutes long. The videos will be used at the jury assessment meetings and at the post-content events should the entry receive an award. We would like to emphasize the importance of the time limitation.

Branded content videos must be encoded in MP4 + H.264 and audio in MP3. They may be at maximum 100 MB in size and 3 minutes in length. The footage and the audio must be offered as a single file.

The presentation audio file must be formatted in mp3.

Film files offered in DVD, Windows Media Video, QuickTime or other formats are not acceptable.

An introductory paragraph of at most 200 words introducing the branded content videos and summarising the both the scenario and the main message of the short film must be provided.

The films to be created by young creators may not advertise any brands, products, or services. Brands must be featured as a natural part of a unique story in these films. Therefore, the name or logo of the brand may not have an on-screen time of over two (2) seconds.

Materials submitted to the contest are not to be returned. Kapital Medya Hizmetleri A.Ş. may use these materials for the purpose of promoting the contest and in its publications as news or for revenue generation. In such cases, the contestant may not claim any royalty and agrees to these rules by taking part in the contest.

Application Period

23 September 2019 – 25 October 2019

Results Announcement

7 November 2019