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Azra Sarızeybek Kohen was born in İzmir in 1979. She received her bachelor’s degree from Istanbul University after completing Radio, TV and Cinema program. Sarızeybek Kohen then moved first to Canada where she completed three semesters at Ottawa University’s Aid to Third World Countries’ Economy program and then went to Liverpool where she obtained her Master’s degree from Liverpool University’s Applied Psychology program. Sarızeybek Kohen now double majors in Writtle University where she studies Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture Systems. Fluent in English and Italian, Azra Sarızeybek Kohen is married and has a child.


Kohen is the author of the trilogy Fİ-Çi-Pİ and AEDEN and Gör Beni critically acclaimed novels that are published in Turkey. The trilogy was adapted as a series and brought attention to Kohen’s work.


Kohen writes and does everything that she does with an understanding that each and every being in the universe is connected to and responsible for each other. She believes wholeheartedly that the best guide in life is to read. Her motto is: Let us contribute to life!

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