Brand Icon Parade


During a 1956 speech for the American Association of Advertising Agencies in Chicago, David Ogilvy spoke about the importance of the brand image in the world of marketing. According to Ogilvy, it is absolutely necessary for every commercial to be designed in a way that will contribute to a more complex brand image.

A brand takes on a personality of its own through its strategic and promotional processes. Therefore, the presence of a mascot is of undeniable importance as it communicates the brand’s intentions to its target audience, creates cohesion of the brand’s philosophy, and contributes to the brand’s image.

These days, as the marketing industry places more and more emphasis on the story, the story of the icon holds as much weight as the story of the brand itself. The icon must be conceived according to the characteristics of the target audience and how best to communicate with them. That is, it should be a picture or a form that symbolizes a person, a thought, a trend, or something on its own. It is an unparalleled medium for communicating the brand’s relationship to its target audience.

Brand Week Istanbul will open with the Brand Icon Parade, which will celebrate these superstars of the marketing world and introduce them to the people of Istanbul.

This procession is one of the most lively, “raucous” moments of Brand Week Istanbul, with the dynamism of the event reflected by the mascots and icons that take to the city streets.